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Pay online and collect where it’s made

Use our online shop, just like any other.  Once we have received your order, we will confirm that the items have been left in a numbered locker at the back of The Bull Pen, Saynden Farm, Five Oak Lane, Staplehurst, Tonbridge TN12 0HX.  The e-mail will also contain a 4 digit code to open the padlock on your locker.  Line up the digits on the SIDE of the padlock rather than the front or the back.  You will also get a phone number to call in case you can’t get your padlock to work.  
If you are refilling a container, just buy your refill in our online shop like any other product.  You will get a code to open an empty locker.  We’ll let you know when your container has been refilled, and you can open the locker once again to collect your container. 

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