Our flour is stoneground from our own wheat and barley.  Other than cleaning out broken grains, weed seeds and the odd bit of straw, we don’t do anything to our wheat before it’s milled.  We don’t add anything to it after milling, no preservatives, no whiteners.

Our flours are for bakers who like to mix things up.  Our flours can be used in breadmakers, but will struggle at 100%.  This is because the bran particles are large and will sink during the prove, cutting the developing gluten strands.  Mix in at least 25% strong plain white flour to help with this.  

Sometimes our flours are very fresh when supplied – you may notice the earthy, nutty flavour.  Fresh flour makes dough with big holes as the nutrients are very available when the grain is first broken open – great for sourdough.  In a breadmaker you will find you get big holes, but it might sink.  If you are collecting from the farm and would like your flour very fresh, we can arrange that. 

You can work out the milling date from the bag, as it’s 6 months before the Best Before date.